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Happy St. Patrick's Day

      wa-L Group Photo

Our GWRRA-WA-L Group

Upcoming Events


Staff 6:00 3/10
Mid Columbia Library on Union St

Regular Meeting is Saturday March 12th 9:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 10:00 Meeting


East side Rider Education
Tri Cities

You get lunch with the registration so not a bad deal for $15.


A full Calendar is on the website

For Sale and Want to Buy is on the Web Site

3rd Annual Shriner's Ride for Children
June...Click for info


Staff 6:00 4/7
Mid Columbia Library on Union St

Regular Meeting is Saturday April 9th 9:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 10:00 Meeting


Spring Fever WA-E



Brown Bag Auction

Flyer Page 1

What’s all the hub bub?
Mike and Janet Turner

Mike & Janet Turner

February is on its way out and was relatively a quite month. We lost a great man and dear friend this month. Our Love and Prayers go out to Sam Shifletts wife Margie and their family. Sam will be missed. There were a few nice days and I had a chance to get the Goldwing out for a short ride. As the weather warms up and we start riding, remember to perform a T-CLOCK inspection. Taking just a few minutes to do this simple check could save you from an unexpected accident.

• T — Tires & Wheels
• C — Controls
• L — Lights
• O — Oil
• C — Chassis
• K — Kickstand

A group of us headed over to Pataha Flour Mill for the WA-R and ID-B combined chapter meeting. We had 26 chapter members ln attendance. The Pataha Flour Mill was founded in 1878 and was one of five water powered flour mills in Garfield County, grinding grains destined for locals and abroad markets. Today the mill holds Sunday morning church service. It has hosted reunions, weddings, funerals and more. The small family run restaurant collects donations for the food it serves to keep the mill intact. As you wander the halls and floors it is rich in history.

Don’t forget to get your registration form in for the, March 19, Region I Rider Education Workshop. Hope to see you at the above mentioned activity.

Have a great month! Friends for Fun Safety and Knowledge

Mike and Janet Turner Page 2
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L New Classes and Schedule
Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

We have canceled the class for March 26th

For any of the following classes a course registration form must be filled out with a check included for the class you wish to attend in order to hold a spot. Only 12 riders and 12 co-riders may attend a class. First come first serve. I will send out an email when classes are full.
Mail the registration form and check made out to GWRRA Region I
to: Telco Wiring; Attn: Herb Powers; P.O. Box 2503; Pasco, Wa. 99302

Combined ARC (Advanced Rider Course for 2 Wheel) and ARC R "Range Only"
ARC March 11 6pm Classroom Site Class Site Fire Department Training Room at 19th and Ely in Kennewick(If you have not had an ARC you must attend this class, prior to attending ARC R "Range") ARC R "Range Only" March 12 12pm Site address 1350 S Rainier St, Kennewick Wa. (If you have attended an ARC already you do not have to attend the class on March 11)

SRC (Sidecar Rider Course) Please get the word out to friends and family. Anyone with a sidecar is welcome to take this course. PLEASE! (registration is cost is the same for non GWWRA members.) SRC April 23 Classroom 8:00am Site 435 N Clover Island Dr, Kennewick SRC April 23 in the afternoon. Range site Address 1350 S Rainier St, Kennewick Wa.

Combined TRC (Three-wheeled Riding Course) and TRC R "Range Only"
TRC April 30 Classroom 8:00am Site Class Site Fire Department Training Room at 19th and Ely in Kennewick (If you have not had an TRC you must attend this class, prior to attending TRC R "Range") TRC R "Range Only" April 30 12pm Site address 1350 S Rainier St, Kennewick Wa. (If you have attended an TRC already' you do not have to attend the class at 8:00am)

TC (Trailering course)
Class for TRC  June 18 8:00am Class Site Fire Department Training Room at 19th and Ely in Kennewick Range June 18 Afternoon Range site Address 1350 S Rainier St, Kennewick Wa. Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L No Room For Panic
Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

I would like to start off with a “Thank you” to my fellow members of Chapter L, and the GWRRA for thinking of my wonderful wife and I when it came time for new chapter educators. I am humbled that you folks would think enough of us to serve as Chapter L Educators. We do not take these positions lightly, but with a sense of honor and responsibility.

Now if you will just hand us the OOPS! award, we will be on our way.
On motorcycles we have very little room to carry much stuff. Add a trunk and side cases and you can start to carry more stuff. Add a trailer and now we can carry a whole bunch of stuff. Going on vacation last year my wife and I, we were able carry a weeks’ worth of clothing (that is 1 week for her, and 1 week for myself), our cold weather gear, extra gloves, a cover for the motorcycle, cameras, radar detector, GPS, laptop computer. We didn’t even need a trailer to carry all this stuff.

One thing I have noticed over time there is not enough room for “Panic”. I have looked all over my GoldWing and I can’t find any room for such nonsense.
I personally prefer not use that word, or words like that. I have heard some folks use the term “Panic stops” or “Panic Braking” to describe a type of stop used to describe a braking exercise for a class.  In the dictionary the definition for the word “Panic” Means to affect with panic; terrify and cause to flee or lose self-control”. This does not sound enjoyable, and motorcycling should be fun and enjoyable. So if you don’t mind instead, let’s use terms like “quick stop” or “Maximum braking” when referring to practice exercises, or real life experiences.

Other terms I try and refrain from using when describing the proper usage of the front brake are grab, or hit are horrible verbs to use. I try and use terms like squeeeeze, and preeess. These are pretty good words to describe proper front and rear brake usage respectively. Adding in the extra eeeeee’s describes brake usage pretty well.

As seasoned riders we should always be mindful to use proper tactics like Rider Radar, and SAA (Seek Anticipate and Act) to help lower our risk. You may be aware of this three letter acronym, if you have taken the TRC or an ARC.  SAA can be used also while we are in our caged vehicles (what a better time to practice defensive driving skills). While in or on our vehicles, we should be Searching out ahead of where we will be in 12 seconds. 12 Seconds! Can you believe it?  This gives us a good time and space cushion, in order to Anticipate any events that may be developing or occurring. This amount of time should allow us, and maybe any traffic behind us at the time to Act in a smooooooth and predictable manner preventing the need for “Bad Verbs” to be used by someone else, that is behind us!

Coming into corners, you may remember from the ARC classes Slow Look Press and Roll, or the TRC class Slow Look Push/Pull and Roll. Notice a commonality theme here, of Slow! What awaits us around the blind corner? You fill in the blank, you of all people know what you have seen and experienced.
Honestly with all that is involved with riding a motorcycle safely, do you have room on your bike for panic?

If you haven’t already taken a GWRRA course, come join us, maybe a refresher if you have already taken one. Doesn’t Matter, it is $30.00 and quite a few GWRRA members will testify, it is worth your time and money. Come on out let Tom Denny, Don Eide, myself Herb Powers, (Beep Beep! I am Throwing someone under the bus) and a new\old recycled instructor, a Rockstar Legend (in his own mind) a welcomed addition to your Chapter L Rider Educators, The One The Only Phil Loparco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO! Welcome Phil. Page 4

90-year-old Motor Maid member says she still has “plenty of miles left”
Joyce LoParco

Joyce LoParco

Gloria today & Gloria in 1946

WATCH: A long time member of the Motor Maids Motorcycle Organization is celebrating a milestone. 90-year-old Gloria Struck drove more than 15-hundred kilometers to be in Moncton. Shelley Steeves reports.

MONCTON – While the Motor Maids are celebrating their 75th convention, one of their long-time members is celebrating a milestone of her own.

Gloria Tramontin Struck rode in from New Jersey to spend her 90th birthday in New Brunswick.

“Oh this club this is the best in the world,” she said.

The women’s motorcyling organization is in Moncton this week for their annual convention and Struck says this is the first time she has been to New Brunswick on her motorcycle.

“It isn’t pleasant riding around our area and up here it’s beautiful wide open roads.”

Struck knows all about the open road. She says she has rode more than a million kilometers since she hopped on a bike 74 years ago.

She’s been a Motor Maid for almost 70 years and says she started riding a bike back when it wasn’t proper.

“In my day not many women rode. In fact going to Florida I was refused gas, I was refused a room. You were trash if you were a woman riding a motorcycle.”

She says, not anymore, thanks in part to the Motor Maids. The group is celebrating their 75th anniversary and now have 1,300 members.

The barrier between woman and bike has been crushed by this group of free spirits from all across North America.

Catherine Lawrence from Fredericton helped organize the Moncton convention and joined the club a few years ago.

“It was started by Linda Dugeau and Dot Robinson and in 1940 they just wanted to find other women that rode,” she said. “So they went across at that time it was the States to find like-minded women and they found 50 of them and started Motors Maids.”

Years later, Struck is carrying on that tradition within her own family. Her daughter, Lori Desilva and granddaughter, Kathy Desilva rode into New Brunswick alongside her.

Lori says they’re trying to keep up with their mentor.

“Seventy-four years riding, that’s amazing and now my daughter is riding for the first time it’s just something that I never thought would happen,” she said.

“I just bought my bike. I picked it out on Tuesday, I picked it up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we left Saturday morning to come to New Brunswick, Canada,” Kathy said.

“She got on that bike and she rode like she’s been riding for years,” Struck said proudly.

At 90 years old she says there’s plenty of miles left in her.

“When I am 100, I am considering doing a cross-country on two wheels and I don’t think anybody has ever done that, God willing.” Page 5
Staff Awards

Chapter Director
Mike & Janet Turner (509) 845-1069

Assistant CD
Tom & Santana Denny (509) 582-8779

Jerry Denny (509) 308-1979

Georgia Finley (509) 948-2063

Rider Educator
Herb & Gail Powers (509) 545-9341

Ride Coordinator
Tom Didway (509) 301-6547

Spencer & Pat Royer (541) 276-0214

Membership Enhancement
Ron & Gail Lindsley (509) 531-7849

Chapter Stores
Rust & Chris Akers (509) 378-2918

Georgia Finley (509) 783-9783

Sunshine Coordinator
Donna Whiteside (509) 943-9828

Phone Tree/Emails
Joyce LoParco (509) 546-1166

Couple of the Year

Individual of the Year

Newsletter Editor
Bill Pitzer (509) 735-7181

Good Guy: Gary Dumas,

Oops: Herb Powers,

Show for the Dough: Not Attending,

50-50: Herb Powers,

Jim Young WW Chapter Director
a free breakfast.

Puzzle: Jerry Denny

Vicky Powers, a free registration to the WW Rendezous


2  Russell, Marcela (Mike)

10 Russell, Charles

15 Copland, William

17 Kasko, Suzanne

25 LoParco, Joyce

29 Burnside, Antoninette



2  Knapp, Tom & Debbi Page 6
Puzzle For Sale
GW Puzzle

Print Puzzle

Gary Hart is trying to sell this Honda VTX. 2002 Honda VTX 1800, 8900 miles, excellent condition, one owner, garaged since new, custom top to bottom, ready to travel, $5,900! (509) 378-5948

Click here for pictures

Hardin Terrell

Just down from Alaska is selling his motorcycles that he has rebuilt from the ground up.  Hardin lives in Pasco.  Call him if anyone is interested at 509 412-1045, cell # 253 777-7817 or email at

Click here for pictures

Silver 2005 Goldwing with 21,011 miles.

Accessories: Kuryakyn trunk rack, Utopia driver back rest, CB, Lights around the trunk and saddle bags, front fog lights, chrome trim pieces. Runs and rides great. Asking $9,500. We purchased a trike. Please contact Sallie or John Baldwin at or 602-708-4121

Click here for pictures Page 7
2016 Region and District Rallies
Photo Corner Page 8
Wingdings 38
Registrations are already coming in hard and fast, with pre-registration hitting record numbers. You don’t want to miss out on that kind of FUN!

Opening ceremonies will be held on August 31, but we have a very exciting day planned on August 30 that you really won’t want to miss. As you all know, the International Couple of the Year selection process is held on that day. This year, we’re making it even more FUN. We’ll be holding a COY Boot camp that morning for anyone (COYs, MECs, COY Coordinators, Directors, judges) who has interest in the COY program. Not only will the boot camp cover topics designed to assist a COY in participating in the selection process, but it will also be an informative resource for coordinators and individuals who are asked to judge the selection process. And of course, all of this will be imparted with all of the FUN we can muster!

But wait—there’s more! In addition to the excitement of the Couples’ oral presentations that afternoon, there will be an Awards Ceremony after the oral presentations that will include the MEC of the Year, Newsletter Award, Chapter of the Year presentation, Merit / Director of the Year presentation, and will culminate in the announcement of the new International Couple of the Year. This will be one FUN afternoon, and we don’t want anyone to miss out!

website Website registration Hotel Registration Page 9
2016 Region and District Rallies

Our Assistant Directors, Ron and Bev Clark, put together a great spreadsheet listing all of the 2016 rally dates that are currently available in one document.  We hope that you will take a look at this schedule and, since it’s the season of giving, give yourself the gift of registering yourself for a rally that’s perhaps outside of your District or Region.  When we visit our cohorts in other areas, we discover new and exciting ways to have FUN!

Event Details (Name, Theme, Sel., Etc.) Date Location
MO Spring Fling COY / IOY Selection  Mar 5 Osage Beach, MO
FL District Rally America - Land of the Free & Brave Mar 17 - 19 Orlando, FL
Regional Rally H   Mar 17 - 19 Marshall, TX
LA District Rally   Mar 31 - Apr 2 Lafayette, LA
GA District Rally  The Brothers Grimm Apr 21 - 23 Dalton, GA
KS District Rally   Apr 22 - 24 Hutchinson, KS
TN District   Apr 28 - 30 Pigeon Forge, TN
AL District Rally  Christmas In Dixie - GW Style May 19 - 21 Eufaula, AL
PA District Rally    May 19 - 21 State College, PA
Spring Warm Up IN (A Little Bit Of Country Theme) May 19 - 21 Parke County Fairgrounds, Rockville, IN
TX District Rally   May 19 - 21 Temple, TX
Region Ride "N"   May 20 - 21 Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA
AR District Rally   May 26 - 28 Harrison, AR
Regional F / NM Dist. Rally  Region “F”un Family Reunion! May 27 - 29 Marriott, Albuquerque, NM
Regional Rally E No Regional Rally - COY / IOY Sel. Jun 2 Branson, MO
MO District Rally   Jun 3 - 4 Branson, MO
Buckeye Rally OH (Hobo Junction Theme)  Jun 16 - 18 Mahoning Co Fairgrounds, Canfield, OH
MN / ND District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Jul 8 - 9 Wilmar, MN
SC District Rally Wingin' Down on the Farm Jul 14 - 16 Anderson, SC
UT District Rally   Jul 15 - 16 Western Park/Conf. Center, Vernal, UT
New England Rally CT, NH, VT, ME, RI Jul 21 - 23 West Lebanon, NH 
IL District Rally   Jul 22 - 23 Pontiac, IL
WV District   Jul 22 - 23 Summersville, WV
Region K Rendezvous The Roaring Twenties Jul 22 - 24 Quality Hotel & Suites, Woodstock, ON Canada
Regional Rally L COY Selection  Jul 22 - 24 Best Western Glengary, Truro, NS Canada
Regional Rally D USA Proud Jul 28 - 30 Branch Co Fairgrounds, Coldwater, MI
ID District Rally   Jul 28 - 30 Garden, ID
Bi State Rally  NY & NJ (Regional COY Sel.) Aug 4 - 6 Swedesboro, NJ
Michigan Rally   Aug 5 - 6 Osceola Co Fairgrounds, Evart, MI
CO Convention 27th Winging the Rockies Conv. Aug 11 - 13 Montrose Co Fairgrounds, Montrose, Co
KY District   Aug 18 - 20 Cave City, KY
NE / SD District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Aug 25 - 27 Wall Drug, SD
Regional Rally J Wing in The Rockies Aug 26 - 28 Red Deer, AB Canada
WY District Rally   Aug 29 - 30 "Welcome to Wing Ding" Party
WI District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 16 - 17 Wisconsin Dells, WI
NC District   Sep 22 - 24 Cherokee, NC
CA District Rally   Sep 23 - 25 DoubleTree Hotel, Bakersfield. CA
IA District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 25 - 26 Dubuque, IA
OK District Rally   Sep 29 - Oct 1 Muscogee, OK
VA District   Oct 6 - 8 Roanoke, VA
MS District Rally   Oct 13 - 15 Gulfport, MS
Regional Rally A Region 'A' Steel Pony Rally Oct 27 - 29 Lakepoint Lodge & Conv. Center, Eufaula, AL
AZ District Convention    Oct 28 - 30 Nautical Beachfront Resort, Havasu City, AZ 
Region N  Winter Event COY Selection  Nov 4 - 6  
WA District Rally   TBD Port Townsend, WA Page 10

To download this newsletter in PDF click here