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Happy Mother's Day

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Upcoming Events


Staff 6:00 5/12
Keewaydin Library on Dayton St

Regular Meeting is Saturday May 14th 8:00 Breakfast at Shooters in Finley, 9:00 Meeting


Crazy Mountain Ride  (Tacoma)


Desert Spring Fling
Fairground setup


Desert Spring Fling

3rd Annual Shriner's Ride for Children
June...Click for info

A full Calendar is on the website

For Sale and Want to Buy is also on
the Web Site



Staff 6:00 5/12
Keewaydin Library on Dayton St

Regular Meeting is Saturday June 11th 8:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 9:00 Meeting Page 1

Words from the Director

Mike and Janet Turner Chapter Director

Mike & Janet Turner

It appears as the weather gets warmer the busier we get.  April turned out to be a pretty busy month.  There were a lot of nice days to get out and ride.

Speaking of rides after the April chapter meeting our Ride Coordinator Tom Didway put together a really nice ride.  There were 6 bikes that hit the road, and the weather was perfect. We headed east out of Pasco to Touchet then south taking the back roads through Umapine to Milton-Freewater .  We stopped at the Dairy Queen for lunch and ICE CREAM. We then got back on the road continuing south past Athena again taking the back roads through Holdman to Herminston. We even went on a road I know we have not been on but Gary commended Tom on the ride because he had not been on it before either.   We stopped at Honda Cycletown to take a look around before heading back to the Tri-Cities.

I again would like to thanks Rob and Gail Lindsey for setting up and running the Lady of Lourdes Teddy Bear drive at the Pasco Walmart. Thanks to Gary Domas, Tom and Santana Denny, Joyce LoParco, Jerry Denny and Janet for taking time out of their busy day to support this great effort and keeping Rob company as he stood there greeting people all day!  This was a great opportunity for the chapter to serve the community and be seen.  We actually made an impression we should be proud of and because of this we have two new members to welcome to our chapter!  We look forward to getting more acquainted with Andy and Lisa Porter.

We had a good turnout for spring maintenance day. They were busy with oil changes, tire changes, brake bleeding and anti- freeze change outs. Thanks to Jerry Denny for cooking the hot dogs and polish sausage dogs. If you didn’t make the spring maintenance day we will be having a maintenance day this fall. Thank you Don and Christine for letting the group use your shop and opening up your home to us.

The next day was the Brown Bag auction in Spokane.  They changed it up a bit this year and the Popular Undies were in door prize gifts instead of the auctioned items.  Congrats to our own Joyce Loparco for getting the privilege of caring for the woman’s pair for the next year!

Spring Fling this month!  As of the end of April we have 76 signed up.  If you haven’t gotten your registration to Jerry Denny please do so soon!  We have a lot a fun instore and hope to see everyone there!

Friends for Fun Safety, and Knowledge

Thanks everyone for giving us the privilege of being your Directors

Mike and Janet Turner Page 2
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L New Classes and Schedule
Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

For any of the following classes a course registration form must be filled out with a check included for the class you wish to attend in order to hold a spot. Only 12 riders and 12 co-riders may attend a class. First come first serve. I will send out an email when classes are full.
Mail the registration form and check made out to GWRRA Region I
to: Telco Wiring; Attn: Herb Powers; P.O. Box 2503; Pasco, Wa. 99302


TC (Trailering course)
Class for TRC  June 18 8:00am Class Site Fire Department Training Room at 19th and Ely in Kennewick Range June 18 Afternoon Range site Address 1350 S Rainier St, Kennewick Wa. Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Dissecting an event

Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

It has been a few years now, but when my wife and I started riding with Chapter L, we as a group were riding to Baker City. As I recall it was a sunny day with a few scattered clouds and a light breeze.  We were south bound on I82, just north of the on ramp onto I84. Their were six or seven of us  in the group at that time. I was riding just in front of the tail gunner. We were traveling in the left lane overtaking a Subaru in the right lane going at a slightly lower speed. We were riding in a standard staggered group formation. I was not much more than 2 second following distance of the motorcycle staggered in front of our bike. The Subaru we were passing had no vehicle in front of them, suddenly decided the left lane was a better choice for a lane to be traveling in. The problem with that choice was the fact that Gaylene and I were occupying that lane at that time. Thankfully I still have my peripheral vision (the vision that provides spatial judgment). Before I realized it I was riding on the rumble strip on the shoulder. I rolled off the throttle to slow. The driver of the Subaru realizing what had just occurred returned back to the right lane, we then returned back to the left lane. I asked my wife to wave to the Subaru driver as we passed. Gaylene used all five fingers that gestured no hard feelings, but we are here too.

A question was posed of me by one of my fellow riders “why didn’t I communicate by using my horn”?  I could have but in the moment it had not occur to me. Racing through my thoughts I did think about using my brakes, but also the thought at that moment I had another rider behind me. In retrospect, that may have made matters worse had that rider not been aware of the situation.

My action I decided on was not to do anything drastic but get us out of harm’s way, which in this case was get over to the shoulder and slow. As it turned out, it was a good solid choice.

I had a student in a BRC class share a war story on how a car in the right hand lane came over into his lane, on the freeway, at 70mph. His solution was to knock on the encroaching driver’s side window. The rest of the students laughed. Well, okay that is a way! Probably not the safest way, but it did make a good story. Sometimes we may have the right-of-way, but standing our ground on a motorcycle….. We may have the right of way, but we don’t have the dead right-of-way.

Look at any mishap and what could we have done to make it a non-event. In one of my curriculum as a motorcycle instructor for the BRC (Basic Riders Course)we had a picture diagram of a chain that connected to 2 sprockets. The sprockets were labeled as “Motorcycle rider” the other “Crash“. The chain links were labeled with things like “Speeding”, “New Motorcycle”, “following to close”, and “riding in other drivers blind spots”. The idea behind the picture was to break a single link, and the chain of events leading to the crash would not occur. The lesson plan was regarding “Risk” and “Risk Management”.  For instance, when you see someone in your rearview mirror, and that vehicle disappears out of your mirror and into a blind spot it takes about 2 seconds and we have probably forgotten about them. Equate that to riding our motorcycles, if you ride in someone’s blind spot you have about 2 seconds before they forget you.

Being honest with myself, and reflecting back to that event I was riding in that Subaru’s blind spot for too long, otherwise they probably would have not done what they did. Had I have been a more attentive rider and riding more alert I would nothing to write about this month. Hence a non-event!

It is obvious that most of the time a chain of events will lead us up to that point in time when we have an incident.  All that needs happen is one of the links need to be removed in order to have a non-event, or possibly adding a link leading to a major event.  For instance I go back to that moment and now this time I do blow my horn. What might have happened?  I stood my ground because after all I did have the right of way. Let’s add the person was hard of hearing, or they were listening to a rousing raucous rendition of Black Sabbath Paranoid cranked up on the stereo, I would have lost precious time on avoidance. Would there have been different possible outcome?  This time say they did hear me and panicked locking their brakes, they avoided me, but what about the tail gunner of our group???? 

Let’s try and keep positive attitude, for instance: Do you really think the first thing in the morning when that driver of the Subaru got up they had an idea, they thought “I’m going to run a blue Honda Gold Wing off the road”! What a ridiculous statement. Of course not, and from time-to-time we all make mistakes. Do we as riders have to personally take responsibility for others mistakes?  Who pays the consequence if we don’t? 

As a motorcyclist we have quite a few responsibilities of our own. Restraint: for example. Our motorcycles are probably as close as most of us will ever get to the power experienced by an exotic sports car owner, that kind of horsepower to weight ratio can be pretty exhilarating. We can get from 0mph to stupid in under 6 seconds. The ponies between our legs can write checks faster than the nut herding them can cash them. The guy that just passed by on a motorcycle pulling a wheelie at the speed of sound, maybe some of the caged drivers are now mildly irritated at all motorcyclist.

The one tool in our tool chest that can control them is between our ears, not only do we want to protect it with a DOT approved helmet, put it to use and think. Like that old commercial used to say “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

So the next time we put something exciting between our legs by riding a motorcycle, be aware of your surroundings. Have a running commentary to yourself, like a sports caster.  “Coming on the right entry ramp is a blue pickup that seems to be possibly driving distracted.  Behind me in the left lane is a car that is back far enough and not coming up on me, I have enough room to signal left in order to get into the left lane allowing blue pickup enough room to merge safely….

Anything to engage you, and keep you engaged to the most important task at hand. That is keeping you safe.

Remember “The ride is all about you!” Enjoy! Page 4
Rob & Gail Lindsley

Membership Enhancement
Walmart Stuffed Toy Drive

Rob and Gail Lindsley

I would like to thank everyone that could make it to this critter drive on April 8th 2016. Our chapter did a stuffed critter drive at the Walmart on road 68 in Pasco Wa. Walmart let us set up outside of the Food court entrance we received over 150 stuffed critters and even got some plush kids blankets these filled 5 garbage bags to the top.

All items will be given to Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Pasco Wa., at our meeting on May 14 at Shooters. Connie Gillispie(Chief Development Officer) for Lady of Lourdes Hospital is who I (Rob Lindsley M E C ) has been in contact with to insure these kids get the right items to bring a smile to their faces.

On April 14 I talked to Connie Gillispie who wanted to thank us for a great job, but she will be out of town on our meeting and will have another staff member fill her place.

Again thanks for the support and great job everyone.

Rob and Gail Lindsley WA Ch-L Membership Enhancement Coordinators Page 5

Ranson Ware, do I need to worry?
By Bill Pitzer

Bill Pitzer

Maktub Locker is another ransomware that comes with a beautifully designed GUI and few interesting features. Its name originates from the Arabic word maktub which means “this is written” or “this is fate”. The authors were probably trying to make a joke by referencing the act of getting infected with ransomware, hinting that it is uninvited and unavoidable, just like fate.

To read the entire article, use this link.

Behavioral analysis

This ransomware comes in a spam campaign, pretending to be a document with a Terms-Of-Service update. This time full packing have a consistent theme: name of the attachment is made to resemble a document (examples: “TOS-update-[…].scr”, “20160321_tos.scr”), also it has a a document-like icon:

An interesting trick used by this ransomware to spoof legitimate behavior is that it really displays a document! Specifically, a fake TOS update in .rtf format:


While the user is busy reading the document, the malicious program runs in the background and encrypts his/her files.

Encryption process

Maktub Locker does not need to download a key from the CnC server – data can be encrypted offline as well. Extensions given to the encrypted files are random, generated at runtime – their pattern is: [a-z]{4,6}

This is what you will see.


It provides a victim a custom-formatted key: 82 chunks, each 5 character long (chunk format: [A-Z0-9]{5}). Each time the sample runs, this key is newly generated.

The same information (and layout) can be found in an HTML file ( _DECRYPT_INFO_[$EXTENSION].html), dropped in each encrypted directory.

Website for the victim

These days, it’s a common feature of ransomware to provide a TOR-accessed website for the victim and Maktub Locker is no different. Similar to the ransom note, the website is only available in English. In order to access the individual page, the victim is supposed to paste his/her key (the one supplied in the ransom note) into the input box provided on the website.

It then redirects to the main website. In comparison to other ransomware families, Maktub Locker actually has a very nicely designed website, including clean and polite language used.



Maktub Locker has clearly been developed by professionals. The full product’s complexity suggests that it is the work of a team of people with different areas of expertise.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects this threat as: Ransom.Maktub.

Staff Awards

Chapter Director
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Jerry Denny (509) 308-1979

Georgia Finley (509) 948-2063

Rider Educator
Herb & Gail Powers (509) 545-9341

Ride Coordinator
Tom Didway (509) 301-6547

Spencer & Pat Royer (541) 276-0214

Membership Enhancement
Rob & Gail Lindsley (509) 531-7849

Chapter Stores
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Newsletter Editor
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50-50: Mike White Chapter B,

Gary Domas
a free breakfast.

Puzzle: Mike Turner


5 Tom Johnson  
15 Keith Chrtistensen
22 Hank Smith
 27 Marilyn Smith


None Page 7
Puzzle For Sale
GW Puzzle

Print Puzzle

In Case you missed last month's Puzzle

GW Puzzle

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Bill Pitzer


2011 RSS SE5, less than 8500 miles. Mostly highway miles.

Added mods, K&N air filter, 41/2" handlebar risers, Bumpskid, 4- 20W spots on the front with top and bottom switched separately. LEDs in Tip lights, Amber LED turn signals on fenders, Red mud flap LEDs wired as running and turn signal, Red LEDs on rear fender wired as running and brake. Bajaron sway bar, floor boards, BRP comfort seat, BRP passenger backrest. Givi Saddlebags, 4 12V power plugs, separate switched. Accessory power wired into its own fuse block. Ram Mounts, garage door remote with push button on dash. Service manual

Click here for pictures

Hardin Terrell

Just down from Alaska is selling his motorcycles that he has rebuilt from the ground up.  Hardin lives in Pasco.  Call him if anyone is interested at 509 412-1045, cell # 253 777-7817 or email at

Click here for pictures

Silver 2005 Goldwing with 21,011 miles.

Accessories: Kuryakyn trunk rack, Utopia driver back rest, CB, Lights around the trunk and saddle bags, front fog lights, chrome trim pieces. Runs and rides great. Asking $9,500. We purchased a trike. Please contact Sallie or John Baldwin at or 602-708-4121

Click here for pictures Page 8
GWRRA-IS-H RiverRun 2016 Page 9
Wingdings 38
Registrations are already coming in hard and fast, with pre-registration hitting record numbers. You don’t want to miss out on that kind of FUN!

Opening ceremonies will be held on August 31, but we have a very exciting day planned on August 30 that you really won’t want to miss. As you all know, the International Couple of the Year selection process is held on that day. This year, we’re making it even more FUN. We’ll be holding a COY Boot camp that morning for anyone (COYs, MECs, COY Coordinators, Directors, judges) who has interest in the COY program. Not only will the boot camp cover topics designed to assist a COY in participating in the selection process, but it will also be an informative resource for coordinators and individuals who are asked to judge the selection process. And of course, all of this will be imparted with all of the FUN we can muster!

But wait—there’s more! In addition to the excitement of the Couples’ oral presentations that afternoon, there will be an Awards Ceremony after the oral presentations that will include the MEC of the Year, Newsletter Award, Chapter of the Year presentation, Merit / Director of the Year presentation, and will culminate in the announcement of the new International Couple of the Year. This will be one FUN afternoon, and we don’t want anyone to miss out! Page 10
2016 Region and District Rallies

Our Assistant Directors, Ron and Bev Clark, put together a great spreadsheet listing all of the 2016 rally dates that are currently available in one document.  We hope that you will take a look at this schedule and, since it’s the season of giving, give yourself the gift of registering yourself for a rally that’s perhaps outside of your District or Region.  When we visit our cohorts in other areas, we discover new and exciting ways to have FUN!

Event Details (Name, Theme, Sel., Etc.) Date Location
Regional Rally E No Regional Rally - COY / IOY Sel. Jun 2 Branson, MO
MO District Rally   Jun 3 - 4 Branson, MO
Buckeye Rally OH (Hobo Junction Theme)  Jun 16 - 18 Mahoning Co Fairgrounds, Canfield, OH
MN / ND District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Jul 8 - 9 Wilmar, MN
SC District Rally Wingin' Down on the Farm Jul 14 - 16 Anderson, SC
UT District Rally   Jul 15 - 16 Western Park/Conf. Center, Vernal, UT
New England Rally CT, NH, VT, ME, RI Jul 21 - 23 West Lebanon, NH 
IL District Rally   Jul 22 - 23 Pontiac, IL
WV District   Jul 22 - 23 Summersville, WV
Region K Rendezvous The Roaring Twenties Jul 22 - 24 Quality Hotel & Suites, Woodstock, ON Canada
Regional Rally L COY Selection  Jul 22 - 24 Best Western Glengary, Truro, NS Canada
Regional Rally D USA Proud Jul 28 - 30 Branch Co Fairgrounds, Coldwater, MI
ID District Rally   Jul 28 - 30 Garden, ID
Bi State Rally  NY & NJ (Regional COY Sel.) Aug 4 - 6 Swedesboro, NJ
Michigan Rally   Aug 5 - 6 Osceola Co Fairgrounds, Evart, MI
CO Convention 27th Winging the Rockies Conv. Aug 11 - 13 Montrose Co Fairgrounds, Montrose, Co
KY District   Aug 18 - 20 Cave City, KY
NE / SD District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Aug 25 - 27 Wall Drug, SD
Regional Rally J Wing in The Rockies Aug 26 - 28 Red Deer, AB Canada
WY District Rally   Aug 29 - 30 "Welcome to Wing Ding" Party
WI District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 16 - 17 Wisconsin Dells, WI
NC District   Sep 22 - 24 Cherokee, NC
CA District Rally   Sep 23 - 25 DoubleTree Hotel, Bakersfield. CA
IA District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 25 - 26 Dubuque, IA
OK District Rally   Sep 29 - Oct 1 Muscogee, OK
VA District   Oct 6 - 8 Roanoke, VA
MS District Rally   Oct 13 - 15 Gulfport, MS
Regional Rally A Region 'A' Steel Pony Rally Oct 27 - 29 Lakepoint Lodge & Conv. Center, Eufaula, AL
AZ District Convention    Oct 28 - 30 Nautical Beachfront Resort, Havasu City, AZ 
Region N  Winter Event COY Selection  Nov 4 - 6  
WA District Rally   TBD Port Townsend, WA Page 11

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