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WingDing September

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Our GWRRA-WA-L Group

Find Gas without Ethanol

Upcoming Events


Staff 6:00 9/6
Keewaydin Library on Dayton St

Regular Meeting is Saturday September 10th 8:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 9:00 Meeting

Aug. 29 - Sept 3 WingDing


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New Members:

Lawrence & Judth Eshelman from Moses Lake;
Ron & Valerie Hillis Kennewick;

Harley Beginning

Members in the Spot Light

Submitted by Mike Turner
I ran across this article that was published in the Tri-Cities Cancer Center July 2016 Newsletter about one of chapter members.
This member has volunteered for the past 2 years and over 300 hours of her time. She states” I volunteer at the Cancer Center because it is rewarding. Many times after helping a patient find a wig, hat, ect. they turn as they are leaving and say they need one more thing…. A hug. That to me, is what motivates me to continue volunteering”  
This member is Donna Whiteside, Thanks you!! Page 1

Words from the Director

“Here we go-go-go- again”

Mike and Janet Turner Chapter Director

Mike & Janet Turner

 Is everyone ready for September?  Summer went by too fast and we like the sunny days. We came across some interesting trivia about the month of September.

  • Band-Aids were invented in the month of September.
  • September 16th is National Play-Doh Day.
  • September is National Chicken Month as well as Cholesterol Awareness Month in America.
  • September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day.
  • September is the 9th month of the year and marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the Southern hemisphere.

What this has to do with anything I don’t know but I found it interesting.
I would like to thanks everyone that took time out of their day and volunteered to help with the Benton County Fair parade. Another service you do for our community, Thank You!!

Wing Ding 38 is now in the books and we had a great time.  It was fun to see everyone and rekindle our friendships with them. Our chapter had at least 25 members attend!! Washington District got the award for the most members attending Wing Ding.  Don Eide won the raffle for a new Hannigan trailer. It was pretty funny to watch him try to locate the winning ticket while in shock! They were just about ready to call another number, but he stood up and kind of yelled “I got it.. I got it” still trying to located the winning ticket. He ended up taking all his tickets up to the stand with him just to be sure and because he couldn’t believe he won!  Congratulations Don.

The weather was hot in Billings but thank goodness for AC. A small group of us took a ride up to Bear Tooth Pass. Bear Tooth Pass at its highest elevation is 10,947 feet above sea level. It is called the most beautiful drive in America. It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks. Once on top the wind was blowing and we got hailed on. I have to say the ride home was totally different then the ride to Billing’s. Temperature was must cooler and lots of rain.

So let’s talk about being prepared for rides.  I know everyone doesn’t have trailers and so it’s hard to pack everything you might need but Mother Nature has a mind of her own so to make your ride enjoyable here is a list of minimal supplies.

  • A wind resistant/warmer liner that can go under your regular coat. 
  • Rain gear:  Frogg Toggs work the best because they keep out the rain and wind.  They fit in a small bag so they take up less room.  However with two up they sometimes take up more room than you have so plastic bags to go over your boots or gloves.  Big garbage bag or rain poncho to get you to the next town.  Rain coat probably takes up as much room as Frogg Toggs. But you get both jacket and pants with Frogg Toggs usually.  I truly don’t like riding in the rain and I know I’m not alone but sometimes you just get stuck so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Now here’s my favorite!  Gerbing or heated clothes!  We have some new members and some have no idea there is such a thing but we have them and I try not to go anywhere without them!

You can get a heated jacket or liner.  The liner is not water proof but with a bag over it you will keep warm!  They have liners for pants or heated pants.  The pants are waterproof but take up a lot of room.  They have gloves (you need the liner/coat to plug into) There are socks or boot liners (again you will need the pants to hook into).  Staying warm and dry is the difference between a fun ride and a miserable ride.

The Chapter Maintenance Day is scheduled for October 15th which is a Saturday at Don and Christine Eide’s. We will bring the fish and we will pass around a signup sheet at the chapter meeting for anyone who would be willing to bring a potluck item.

Don’t’ forget about Oyster feed, Chapter P at Silver Lake Washington on September 15-18.

Dinner ride is scheduled for Sept 22.  Time and Place will be announced at our meeting this Saturday and a reminder will go out in an email.

Glad everyone made it back safe and look forward to Wing Ding 39 in Grapevine Texas,

I hope everyone has a great September!

Friends for Fun Safety, and Knowledge
Mike and Janet Turner Page 2

Get Some Good Sleep
Beth Messenger

Bess Messinger

You have a big day tomorrow. You need to get to sleep, but how?!!
I am one of those people who has a hard time turning my mind off in order to fall asleep.
I thought it would be good to share the tricks I have learned over the years with others who have the same problem. If you are great at falling asleep, maybe you know someone who this might help.
The following phrase is not going to make sense immediately:
You cannot fall asleep in the past or in the future, you can only fall asleep in the present.

  1. So the simplest method for falling asleep is to not allow your mind to dwell on the past or the future. You get comfortable, start watching your mind and it goes something like this:

“Tomorrow I have to …” Nope, because that is future, stop that thought (write it down if you have to)
“Oh man, I wish I hadn’t said that” Nope, that is past, stop that thought.
Pretty soon, my mind runs out of future and past stuff and I fall asleep.

  1. My second method is count my blessings.

It works by raising your consciousness from the things that worry you to being aware of the things that are going OK.
(Sometimes you have more than other times, but, oh well)
The order is important here, you start with Security.
I am grateful that my family is safe.
Then Sensation.
“What a warm, soft bed” or just “I am glad my foot doesn’t hurt” (whatever you’ve got)
Then Power
“I have enough control over my life”
Love: (grateful for people to love and people to love us)
Cornucopia: (the amazing way things that we need seem to happen with perfect timing)
Then being grateful for the knowledge we have and that is available to us.
And last for the connection we all have to each other.

  1. I read this somewhere, so I am passing on someone else’s Idea here:

If you can visualize colors, if you sometimes see colors in your mind’s eye, then this method works really well. Start with red, wait until you are really sure you have seen the color red.
Then watch for orange. When you are really sure you have seen Orange, then go on to Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.
Oh, man, I can never finish it, I always fall asleep before I get to Purple!
Well, not always.

  1. I know one more method, this involves spinning a story for yourself. Maybe start with your favorite movie scene and go from there (with yourself as the main character of course).


So the things that all of those methods have in common, is that they bring your mind into the present moment, and that is where you can get to sleep.

Now wake up, we have stuff to do!

- Beth Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Riding While Aware

Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Some days are like a dream while riding.

Early morning you may experience sunshine 78-87 degree temperature. While riding along a coastline, or maybe up in the mountains with breathtaking scenic vistas with a light breeze riding on your favorite stretch of road (my favorite stretch of road is whatever road I happen to be riding on, at that moment). Whether you are riding in a group or riding solo, it is easy to be self indulged in the awe and brevity of it all.

Unfortunately in the short time it takes to grasp a memory photo using our minds eye we can run off the off into the pucker brush, possibly injuring ourselves or our co-rider. Damaging our bad motorscooters, needless to say taking the moment we were just experiencing and tarnishing that also.

While yes we can live in the moment, but we also must stay focused, ride aware of our surroundings, keeping our time and space cushion, all the while Searching for possible hazards,  Anticipate dangerous situations, and ready to Act with a solution when a situation arises.

Ride safe! Page 4
Gary Domus WingDing +
Gary & Diane Domas
Diane Domus

Meeting Winners

50/50 ................Verna

WingDing and Bear Tooth Pass.


Ruth and Mike Burke. Region F ........Don and his free trailer!!

11000 feet!!! Page 5
Hackers Need Only 25 Minutes to Break Into Systems; 5 Minutes to Phish
By Bill Pitzer
Bill Pitzer


New report paints scary picture about the ease of hacking and phishing

Hackers are a lot faster than you might think. Scary fast, if you believe the data from a new report fromDuo Security, a cybersecurity firm specializing in two-factor authentication.

In a real-world scenario, attackers can run a phishing campaign that takes only 5 minutes to put together, and within 25 minutes they can access to corporate data resulting in a data breach, claimed the firm.

Duo Security based those observations on data it collected from 400 organizations using its free web-based tool Duo Insight, which allows IT teams to run internal phishing simulations. The firm said that of the 11,542 users who received such phishing emails, 31 percent clicked on links that could have potentially compromised systems via malware or virus attacks.

17 percent of users ended up providing their usernames and passwords, giving potential attackers in a real-world scenario the keys to corporate data.

The goal of Duo Insight is to offer organizations of all sizes a free internal phishing drill system that allows them to simulate a phishing attack on their employees in five minutes. With the results of those simulations, administrators can identify potential security weaknesses and make the case for investing in stronger security solutions or better employee education.

Other findings of the report:

Those users who clicked the link in the phishing campaigns would have exposed (in the real world) their organizations to hackers through unsecured internet browsers, plugins (Flash and Java), and out-of-date operating systems on their devices. Hackers can easily exploit those vulnerabilities and get even more than they would get with just a set of credentials. In this case, attackers would have complete control over the compromised device.

How to Keep Students Safe Online This Back to School Season

Back to school time means it’s also time to help the students in your life make smart choices about their computer security and online privacy. 

Going back to school, no matter what age, is stressful enough without experiencing horrendous computer security problems or ID theft. To help your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, or even yourself, make digitally painless returns to the school year, talk to them about protecting their digital lives.

To keep your student’s computers, tablets, smartphones, and digital information safe, here are the top 5 topics you should bring up:

  1. Sharing Too Much of Themselves on Social Media. Facebook and other sites are wonderful vehicles for sharing information. The downside: over-sharing. Advise them to configure each site’sprivacy settings so only their friends can see posts, photos, and so on. Also, persuade them not to post ‘funny’ selfies that might later prove embarrassing when they enter the job market.
  2. Be Smart About Using Their Smartphones. Recommend they lock their phones with a PIN, swipe code, fingerprint, facial recognition, or whatever lockscreen features their phones support.
  3. Reduce Their Number of Email Accounts and to Change Passwords Frequently. Students sharing a room, apartment or house with others need to be very careful with their devices even if they know or trust their cohabitants. For example, a roommate with a serious financial problem might have no moral problem about stealing a password or bank account information from an unattended device.
  4. Protect Their Apps, Data, and Identities on Public Networks. Free access to the Internet does have a dark side. Criminals can easily hack into devices while crooked café owners have been known to build data-stealing components into their networks. The safest way for students (and anybody else, for that matter) to use public networks is to create a Virtual Private Network.
  5. Install Top-notch Security Protection for Their Devices. Security software can ensure that their devices are protected from threats and attacks. It’s wise to install anti-malware security, such asVIPRE Antivirus. VIPRE combines powerful antivirus and anti-spyware technologies with automated patching of vulnerable software, a firewall to stop malicious web traffic, an anti-spam filter, and a bad website blocker. Page 6
Staff Awards

Chapter Director
Mike & Janet Turner (509) 845-1069

Assistant CD
Tom & Santana Denny (509) 582-8779

Jerry Denny (509) 308-1979

Georgia Finley (509) 948-2063

Rider Educator
Herb & Gaylene Powers (509) 545-9341

Ride Coordinator
Tom Didway (509) 946-0878

Spencer & Pat Royer (541) 276-0214

Membership Enhancement
Rob & Gail Lindsley (509) 531-6137

Chapter Stores
Russ & Chris Akers (509) 378-2918

Georgia Finley (509) 783-9783

Sunshine Coordinator
Donna Whiteside (509) 943-9828

Phone Tree/Emails
Joyce LoParco (509) 531-9939

Couple of the Year
Terri and Vicki Powers

Individual of the Year

Newsletter Editor
Bill Pitzer (509) 735-7181

Good Guy: Santana Denny

Oops: Chris Akers

Show for the Dough: Mark Blake

50-50: Verna Ballard

Santana Denny,
a free breakfast.

Puzzle: Verna Ballard

Marble Game: Santana Denny failed to pull red marble.


6 Gaylene Powers,


16 Lindsley, Rob & Gail Page 7
Puzzle For Sale

Because some of us rode in rain for hours on the way back from WingDing

GW Puzzle

Print Puzzle




Joyce Loparco

Must Sell Immediately! 1994 GL1500 SE 2 Tone Blue Excellent Condition Always Garaged Complete Carb cleaning 2 years ago Great Starter Trike 114,400 miles Asking $10,000 OBO

Contact Joyce LoParco (509) 531-3391 or Leave a message

Click here for pictures

Hardin Terrell

Just down from Alaska is selling his motorcycles that he has rebuilt from the ground up.  Hardin lives in Pasco.  Call him if anyone is interested at 509 412-1045, cell # 253 777-7817 or email at

Click here for pictures Page 8
2016 Region and District Rallies

Our Assistant Directors, Ron and Bev Clark, put together a great spreadsheet listing all of the 2016 rally dates that are currently available in one document.  We hope that you will take a look at this schedule and, since it’s the season of giving, give yourself the gift of registering yourself for a rally that’s perhaps outside of your District or Region.  When we visit our cohorts in other areas, we discover new and exciting ways to have FUN!

Event Details (Name, Theme, Sel., Etc.) Date Location
WI District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 16 - 17 Wisconsin Dells, WI
NC District   Sep 22 - 24 Cherokee, NC
CA District Rally   Sep 23 - 25 DoubleTree Hotel, Bakersfield. CA
IA District Rally COY / IOY Selection  Sep 25 - 26 Dubuque, IA
OK District Rally   Sep 29 - Oct 1 Muscogee, OK
VA District   Oct 6 - 8 Roanoke, VA
MS District Rally   Oct 13 - 15 Gulfport, MS
Regional Rally A Region 'A' Steel Pony Rally Oct 27 - 29 Lakepoint Lodge & Conv. Center, Eufaula, AL
AZ District Convention    Oct 28 - 30 Nautical Beachfront Resort, Havasu City, AZ 
Region N  Winter Event COY Selection  Nov 4 - 6  
WA District Rally   TBD Port Townsend, WA Page 9

To download this newsletter in PDF click here