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Upcoming Events

April 2017

Staff meeting is on the 6th Thusday.
Keewayden Library 6PM

Regular Meeting is Saturday the 8th 8:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 9:00 Meeting

Maintenance Day, Don Edie's Garage
9AM the 15th

WA-N Brown Bag Auction on the 23rd

Progressive dinner for Chap. WA-L
the 28th 5:00 at Beth Messingers for appetizers.
Salad at Domas’
Main meal at Bellerive club house
Dessert at Dairy Queen off Gage

WA-P & X Flea Market the 29th



A full Calendar is on the website

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May 2017

May 6th, Chapter M's Yakima Fun Run starts at the Branding Iron in Toppenish Sign in 8AM.

Regular Meeting is Saturday the 13th 8:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 9:00 Meeting

The AVTT traveling Vietnam Wall, Honor Escort, May 24th, 2:00, starting at 9/11 Memorial - Southridge Complex.

Desert Spring Fling, May 26th-29th.

Desert Spring Rally B-Reactor Tour, May 27th

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“Director's Message....”
Mike and Janet Turner Chapter Director

Mike & Janet Turner

Now that the weather is warming up, I am seeing a lot more motorcycle out on the roads. In last month’s newsletter I wrote about performing TCLOCK on your motorcycle before hitting the road. This month I would like to discuss some of the hazard’s to expect this spring as we have had a hard winter and the roads are showing it.
Spring Road Hazards to Expect

  • Accumulated winter road sand
  • Gravel driveways washed onto the road
  • Fallen rocks
  • Potholes
  • Frost heaves
  • Snowplow damage to the roads
  • Cracked pavement
  • Eroded shoulders

This list represents some of the typical conditions you will encounter while riding this spring. Scan ahead and have an emergency plan when reacting to these hazards. Spring weather is very unpredictable, be prepared for changing weather conditions.

The dinner ride to Fire and Brimstone was well attended. The pizza is cooked in an open wood fire pit and served piping hot. They also had a good choice of hamburgers and salads. Everybody that attended had a good time eating and conversing.

Spring Fling is in full swing, please get your registration in as soon as possible. Beware that the early registration, and the B-reactor cut off is April 30, 2017.

 Have a great month!

Friends for Fun Safety, and Knowledge
Mike and Janet Turner Page 2

by Gary Domas

Gary Domus

Dinner Ride for Pizza

March Meeting,
Don Eide won the 50/50 and Russ Akers got the Opps award.  Thank you to Gary and Sharon Hart for paying us a visit.  Hope to see more of them. Also was good to see Roy Carter a long time member.

Join Meeting at the Branding Iron April 1
Herb won the 50/50 Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L


Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Holy Mackerel, now that March has already passed we are facing motorcycle riding full on!

As we grow more mature in life, one thing we may lose is the ability to hold our 2 wheeled motorcycles upright.  If our 950+lb motorcycle is not squarely upright at a full stop, it becomes a handful quickly and is easily dropped, depending on lean angle. So as you are coming to a stop, try and keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon, by doing this you may find it easier to keep your 2 wheeled motorcycle in the upright position, which you may find easier than to keep picking it up off the tarmac…. Or an alternative is the go to “three wheels!”.

When going to three wheels  steering goes from counter steering on two wheels (push right, lean right, go right), to push/pull steering . A better description of push pull steering is turn your handle bars in the direction you want to go. A person who has had little or no experience on three wheels, the one who has been riding a two wheeled bike for 30+ years, will soon learn there’s a big difference between of these two configurations of motorcycles. It never hurts to take a class.

With three wheels we have choices with different cofigurations. Their is a two wheels up front and one wheel in the back type of configuration. Then we have the traditional trike, configured with the two wheels in back, and one up front. One of my favorites is the sidecar motorcycle. Might not be as popular, but is always a hoot not only for the rider the passenger (or passengers) as well. We now have an alternative to traditional three wheel is a new kit made by Tilting MotorWorks, and a factory made Piaggio MP3. Significance of this three wheeled motorcycle, it handles like a 2 wheeled motorcycle when underway, and like a traditional three wheeler at slow walking speeds. Depending on configuration the rider may not have to put their feet down, when coming to a full stop. Recently one of our own Chapter L members had their GL1800 modified with the Tilting Motor Works conversion kit. I do not think they regret that decision, not by one bit. Jay Leno recorded an article with the Owner operator of Tilting MotorWorks that I will provide a link to YouTube.  If you will go to this website it has some good information on the kit.

So if you are a rider of 2 wheels, you may face the day when maybe your balance or strength may not be what it once was, making the bike stay in the upright position difficult or nearly impossible and dangerous. It might be that family member or our friends or associates make statements of concern for you, these things that are said may sadden your heart. Please! Don’t get angry. Do your research, maybe go to 3 wheels. Anyone that says three wheels is not a motorcycle probably has no experience on three wheels, and they obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Page 4
Two Out of Three Seniors Have Been Targets of Scams and Hacks

Posted by VIPRE Security News On March 5, 2017 
By Bill Pitzer

Bill Pitzer

Sixty-seven percent of seniors have been targets of at least one common online scam or hack, according to a new survey by Home Instead, a senior care organization. Thirty-eight percent said someone tried to scam them online, and 28 percent admitted they had mistakenly downloaded a virus.

Other findings include: 41 percent of seniors are banking online; 26 percent pay their bills online; 21 percent file their taxes online; and 9 percent said they had been victims of criminals posing as the IRS and demanding immediate payment of taxes.

To help seniors understand potential hazards and how to prevent fraud, Home Instead collaborated with the National Cyber Security Alliance to launch a national public education program, Protect Seniors Online, available at

The program provides free resources and tips to help seniors understand how scammers operate, familiarizes them with the most common scams targeted at seniors, and gives advice to seniors and caregivers on how to protect sensitive information. The resources include an online quiz to test seniors’ cyber security knowledge.

Here are five popular scams targeting seniors:

  1. Tech support scams: These typically appear as pop-ups that look like legitimate offers from reputable companies such as Microsoft. They try to sell fake software, ask for remote computer access, or want to install malware to steal personal and financial information.
  1. Tax scams: One common IRS scam, sent via email as well as mail, is an official-looking notice CP2000 for the tax year in question. Scam emails may instruct that a payment be sent immediately. If you get a notice like this, delete it. The IRS never contacts people by email nor does it call demanding payment. Stay up-to-date on current tax scams at
  1. Ransomware: This is a variant of malware that criminals greatly love because it is easy to execute and is financially rewarding. You can prevent ransomware by ensuring your devices have up-to-date antivirus software installed. Also, never open suspicious emails from unknown senders, and do not download attachments from senders you do not trust.
  1. False debt collectors: Fraudsters send emails that resemble official-looking documents with a threatening and urgent tone. Do not respond, open any attachments, or click on any links. Delete these emails. If you’re concerned about whether you owe money, contact a creditor directly to find out if it sent the email.
  1. Sweepstake and charity scams: A sweepstakes scam often asks you to pay to receive your prize. A charity scam, masquerading as a charity with a name similar to a real one, asks you to help those in need. However, a scam charity will not be able provide important documentation of its identity and mission, nor provide proof of a tax-deductible contribution. Page 5
Staff Awards

Chapter Director
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Good Guy: Bill Pitzer

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Show for the Dough: Steve Burton(NP)

50-50: Don Eide

Puzzle: Tom Denny

Marble Game: Mike Turner, failed to pull red marble.  


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1990 Road Runner motorcycle cargo trailer for sale.  14 cubic feet of cargo, pulls great & good rubber.  For more information call Ronnie Lopez at 509 760-1060

2008 bike and 2008 Lehman Monarch II Trike Kit

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