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Upcoming Events

February 2017

Staff meeting is on the 9th Thursday.
Keewayden Library 6PM

Regular Meeting is Saturday the 12th 9:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 10:00 Meeting

The 23 rd. A Chili Feed 5:30

Bellerive Springs Clubhouse, On Gage behind the Mall
Go West,  Turn Right on Bellerive,. Go down Hill,

Turn Left into Bellerive Springs.
Club house is right in front of You. Refreshments will be served.

The 25th, Training ITCP, See Don Eide


A full Calendar is on the website

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Members in the Spot Light

Tom & Santana Denny Page 1

“Director's Message....”
Mike and Janet Turner Chapter Director

Mike & Janet Turner

When will this white stuff go away! I for one am ready to play and it’s hard to do with the weather being so unpredictable!

We have some plans in the works for the coming months anyways. We are having our Chili cook off and first of the year ride on February 23rd which is a Thursday at 5:30pm. This will be our dinner ride for February. Plan on having it at the Bellerive Club House where we had the Christmas party.

We also have plans for a progressive dinner this year on Friday, April 28th! We did this in 2014 and had a really good turn out and had fun! So hope everyone plans to join us! Appetizers – at Messinger’s, Salad – at Terry and Vicki Powers, Main Course will be hosted by Mike, Janet, Verna and Bill. Dessert will have a little twist. Our dessert location will be Dairy Queen! The chapter will pay up to $4.00 a person! If you want that large Blizzard the chapter will not help you with those extra calories! Hope to see a big turn out! Times, addresses and DQ location will be coming soon!

We have a list started for the B-reactor tour during the rally. The cost will be $13 a person. The Chapter has 50 seats available if we don’t fill the seats we will open it up to others outside of GWRRA. If that happens you will be welcome to invite friends or family. Kids of all ages are welcome. Adults plan to have your ID with you. They will have us sign in. This is a great opportunity to see a bit of Hanford history. When they post these tours with the general public they fill up with in minutes. We are fortunate to have this chance and if we can fill these buses then it will be just our GW family.

As most everyone knows Gary Domas took a fall on the ice. He has a fractured neck and back. At this time he is in a brace and has to be very careful and cautious. They plan on surgery at a later date. Let’s keep him in our prayers. While you’re saying those prayers, pray he has patience and an accepting heart. Gary is a doer as it shows with the amount of time he gets the good guy award for doing for others. It’s our chance to do for them. Gary we love you! Be nice to Diana as you go crazy sitting still!

Gary Domas

Congrats to Lloyd for winning the Show for the Dough! He went home with $90! Apparently sporting our colors and vest paid off!

It’s understandable that everyone can’t do all Rally’s all the time. Might be time to start putting them on your calendars. Washington District Rally this year will be in Cashmere WA. This is by Wenatchee which is a beautiful area. Region will be in Tillamook, Or. Ocean beaches and winding roads here we come!

Everyone stay safe out there and please help your older neighbors with snow removal or errands. They just don’t bounce back as easy as we all use to and a fall for them can be very serious.

See you all at our next meeting February 11th at 9am for breakfast and 10am for meeting. Staff will be Thursday the 9th at the Keewaydin Library. Issues, concerns or ideas we love to hear at staff meetings. All are welcome!

Friends for Fun Safety, and Knowledge
Mike and Janet Turner Page 2

by Gary Domas

Gary Domus

January Meeting

Jan Meeting

January Winners

Winners Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L

What would you do?

Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Winter this year has been has been frankly……AWSOME! I love the snow, this has been great

No need to fret I think Spring is almost here, and we will riding our bikes through the heat in no time. We should start stretching our brains, shake out those winter time doldrums. It is almost time to get the bike out of storage. So let’s start thinking how we can keep ourselves, and our passengers safe.  Hopefully the following scenarios aren’t too painful to read. As you read through ask yourself what you could have done to avoid the situations in the first place:

Scenario 1

It has been a great weekend. You’re on way home traveling the freeway in order to make better time. You are making good time on your bike with little traffic, Sunday evening. You are traveling in the right lane, at a pace only slightly faster than the semi truck and trailer that has been occupying the passing lane, forcing you to pass using the right lane. A little irritated, as you near  the semi truck, out of nowhere traveling at a higher rate of speed a pickup in the left lane cuts in front of you, not only cutting you off, but nearly rear ending the semi rig you were about to overtake………

Scenario 2

You need to drive to an important appointment one morning. The route you take requires you to drive through a busy and notoriously hazardous intersection with a stop light. This intersection is on a freeway where cross traffic speed limit is 60mph. The fog this morning is as bad as you have ever experienced. Waiting to turn left at the stop light, the light turns green for you to go. As you enter the intersection a semi truck and trailer looms out of nowhere and comes to stop halfway into the intersection, almost hitting you…….

In these scenarios, you may have experienced something similar from your past history of driving. After situations like these occur, and after we clean the seat out where you were sitting, take a moment and think how you could have avoided the situation in the first place. Whether you may have been at fault, or the other guy instigated, analyze with clinical like thinking. Remove yourself from any emotions you may feel, and ask yourself how it can be approached the next time. As long as you are driving, their most likely, will be a next time.

If we can become safer in our caged vehicles, just makes us that safer on our motor cycles. Page 4
3 Ways to Safeguard Your Credit and Debit Information
By Bill Pitzer
Bill Pitzer

Posted by VIPRE Security News  On January 11, 2016 

While there is no magic bullet for keeping your credit and debit card information entirely safe from hackers, there are some strong options you can take to protect your data and dollars.

Option 1: use just one card for online payments and keep the spending limit on that account as low as possible. If it’s a debit card, you can keep funds to a minimum and transfer money to the account as you need it. When you have just one card for online shopping it’s easy to monitor your transactions for unusual activity.

Option 2: buy a prepaid credit card for online shopping. This is another way to keep your online shopping separate from your retail shopping. A prepaid card allows you to load a fixed amount of money when you buy it. The big advantage of this kind of card is that even if the card’s details are compromised somewhere along the chain, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be stolen.

Some banks will let you generate a virtual credit card number when you made online purchases. This is often a single-use number that you can enter instead of your regular number.

Option 3: activate your credit card’s added layer of security. The layer is usually not enabled by default, so you will have to check into it.

MasterCard has a service called SecureCode, which is a private code that you enter every time you make a transaction on a supported site. The code is never disclosed to a retailer.

Visa’s service is Verified by Visa, which provides a personal message that greets you when you are making a transaction, as well as a password to authorize a purchase.

As you probably know, MasterCard and Visa do not hold card users liable for fraudulent transactions.

Some banks have their own verification systems that work instead of SecureCode and Verified by Visa. A common service of such banks is sending customers a one-time PIN or security code to their phones or computers as a second layer of authorization for transactions.

Contact your bank or financial institution to find out what protections they may offer. Page 5
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Chapter Director
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Tom & Santana Denny (509) 582-8779

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Rider Educator
Herb & Gaylene Powers (509) 545-9341

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Couple of the Year
Terry and Vicki Powers

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Newsletter Editor
Bill Pitzer (509) 735-7181


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