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Happy New Year

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Upcoming Events

January 2017

Staff meeting is on the 12th Tuesday.
Keewayden Library 6PM

Regular Meeting is Saturday January 14th 9:00 Breakfast at the Pasco Red Lion, 10:00 Meeting


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Members in the Spot Light

Tom & Santana Denny Page 1

“Director's Message....”
Mike and Janet Turner Chapter Director

Mike & Janet Turner

Sorry about the chili feed and New Year’s Day ride.  Safety first right?  We understand some froze their chili, other’s ate till they were sick of chili lol while others did both and shared.  We will talk about having it when the roads clear if there is a desire.  It still will be the first ride of the year.

Thanks everyone for doing such a great job making our chapter look good.  Let’s make this year even better! 

Staff meeting for January is Thursday Jan 12th at the Keewaydin Library.  Chapter meeting will be the following Saturday Jan 14th at Red Lion in Pasco.  Breakfast is at 9am meeting at 10am.  We look forward to seeing you! Guests always welcome!

Our main focus for the next 5 months will be our Spring Fling on May 25th thru the 29th. Our theme is “Let us Entertain You” We are asking chapters, individuals, groups etc. to put on or share some type of talent.  Then in order to put a show together we need people to sign up and give us an idea how long your entertainment is.  This can be as easy a reading a poem or singing a song.  I know we have talent out there so come on friends we can do this!  Let Joyce LoParco know and she will get you on the program. Her email is  Registrations will be going out soon so watch for them.  We will be offering a tour of the B reactor out on the Hanford site.  The first fifty (50) people that would like to do this need to get their registration in quick.  One bus only, one tour. Specifics will be on your registration form.

We had a great time at our Christmas party last month.  Had a few twists just to make it more exciting and fun.  Food was great and plentiful!  Thanks everyone for coming and participating in the gift exchange and for donating food for the Emerson Elementary School Food Pantry.  They were shocked and grateful.  Good job!

We delivered our toys and stuffed animals to Kadlec on Dec 20th.  They too were very grateful and pleased with the amount of gifts!  We were able to take a tour of the Pediatric wing.    It was amazing to see what the hospital has available to families and kids while they are in the hospital or getting treatment for cancer or other illnesses.  One room they have looks like an apartment minus the bedroom.  It gives parents and family members a place to go that is just like home when they need to take a break and or meet with staff away from the patient. We were very impressed!

Please remember the little things we do when put together become big for those we help.

Friends for Fun Safety, and Knowledge
Mike and Janet Turner Page 2

Merry Chrismas Party
by Gary Domas

Gary Domus Page 3
Herb Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Why Am I a Motorcycle instructor??

Rider Educators Herb & Gaylene Powers
Gaylene Powers GWRRA-WA-L

Here recently Don Eide, Tom Denny and myself became certified to be sidecar instructors for GWRRA. While it may be a feather in my hat that tickles my fancy, I thought perhaps GWRRA members could use sidecar instructors. This is true from time to time. While we do not have many members that have sidecars, we do have some. Like a fine wine, riding a sidecar is to be appreciated, and ridden responsibly.

When learning to ride a two wheeled motorcycle I remember that I was very excited and nervous. I felt like a cat herder, and whatever I did the bike just had its own way doing things. As time and distance were traveled, I learned survival skills. In other words I kept myself from being killed on the motorcycle. Later I went from dirt bikes to a street bike, and continued my OBT (On Bike Training) survival skills training.
One day my survival skills failed, and I had a crash. Thankfully no one was injured, and I was not held responsible for the car that pulled in front of me. Re-evaluating the situation I now realize I have to share the responsibility for T-Boning that car. While yes I did use the rear brake to stop, I did not know that by squeeeeezing my front brake properly, I probably could have stopped in plenty of time. Not only saving myself and my passenger an uncomfortable time, but the embarrassment for driver of the car also. I was not a properly trained rider.

Later in years after the kids were out of the house I decided to try and pick up the hobby of riding motorcycles once again. The cool thing was I heard they had motorcycle classes. I was a little embarrassed in having to take a “Basic Rider Course” when I already knew how to ride a motorcycle. But what I didn’t know, and learned from the class was freaking AWESOME! The more I learn the more excited I become. I not only try and become a safer rider for myself by practicing, but I’m learning for my co-rider sake too. (I keep telling her that so I can keep buying more safety chrome.)

When a wannabee rider arrives in class, never to have even slung a leg over a motorcycle…TO BE CONTINUED NEXT MONTH

Since riding a motorcycle is a tangible skill, what say you and we as a group try and put something together to knock some dust off our current riding skills, maybe start learning a new skill this spring. Let’s see what we can get started. I will give a free 50/50 ticket to the first person to mention this paragraph to me on the day of our monthly gathering.

Happy New Year!!!!!! Page 4
How Safe Are WiFi-Enabled Games and Toys? By Bill Pitzer Bill Pitzer

Posted by VIPRE Security News On December 16, 2016

You might be buying some WiFi-enabled toys or games for your children or for children you know to give as gifts this holiday season. But beware, there are security risks involved with many of these gadgets.

Wi-Fi toys and games can be used to spy on children and to steal data from you such as your banking and credit card information. Some of these “smart toys” capture video, pictures, even sound, and transmit all of that data through the internet.

As with any WiFi or Internet connected device, hackers can breach toys and games through an unsecured WiFi connection or by accessing account information stored in the cloud.

Last November, hackers breached VTech, one of the largest makers of WiFi-connected tablets, digital cameras, and online games for children. The criminals stole more than 6.4 million children’s profiles, including pictures, email addresses, passwords, and physical mailing addresses. Hackers also stole personal information from about 5 million parent accounts.

Child predators will use such data to groom targets, abductors will use it to steal and sell children or to blackmail parents, while common criminals will troll through accounts to rob credit card and personal identity information, either to use it themselves or to sell it on the dark web.

The data taken from VTech could have been used to fashion attacks on other web accounts used by parents or to open fake credit card accounts in their names. Learning about a person’s lifestyle and family can make it easier to commit fraud or answer password security questions such as “what is your pet’s name.”

Hackers are very aware of the lack of security on toys and other WiFi-connected devices, so they will continue to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Security Tips to Protect Your Children and Your Data

  • Learn the WiFi functions of the toy or game;
  • Find out the information the gadget/manufacturer collects about you and your children;
  • Set up the toy or game account for your child, and create a strong, unique password;
  • Take advantage of all the security features offered by each manufacturer;
  • Enable the strongest security features on your home WiFi system; and
  • Keep your WiFi network password in a safe place. Page 5
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